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Organize your private and personalized tour with a local guide

Discover the destination of your choice with a true local through this collaborative tourism platform

Enjoy the trip in your own language

Customize your tour before your arrival according to your wishes and expectations

Choose the means of transport of your preference

Enjoy an authentic and original tour of the city through the experience of a local

Explore the city of your dreams with an experimented and passionated local guide !

How does Guydeez work

1 - Select your destination and book your tour

2 - You can check the status of your reservation via the "My reservations" section

3 - Chat and personalize your visit with your local guide via chat

4 - Enjoy the tour of your choice with your local guide !

Our team is at your disposal to assign you the local guide that best suits you and thus simplify your research

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Guydeez Ltd.

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08008 Barcelona

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